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Flooding at Florence Carter Memorial Park

22 February 2021

Flooding at Florence Carter Memorial Park

UPDATE 22 FEB 2021

We are extremely grateful to the team at Norfolk County Council Highways for resolving the issue. The water has now drained away. The Council will consider re opening the park after the site has completely dried and a full risk assessment has been carried out on the equipment and the surrounding area. Thank you for your patience.

Flooding at Florence Carter Memorial Park

UPDATE 19 FEB 2021

The Highways team have been on site this week and as a result of their actions it would appear that as from lunchtime today the flow of water has stopped. The position will be monitored over the weekend. 

UPDATE 12 FEB 2021

Highways have undertaken an initial investigation and will carry out some remedial work to the drainage system that they hope will resolve the issue. This work is due to begin week commencing Monday 15th Feb. 2021. In the meantime the Council have decided to temporarily close the play area to protect visitors. 

The Parish Council are aware of the flooding at the park which started at the end of last year. The water has been tested and is not mains or sewerage water, therefore this is not the responsibility of Anglian Water. Please do not contact them.

The water is natural ground water and the source is most likely to be a spring or something similar. The relevant authorities are aware and Norfolk County Council will undertake a full jetting and cleaning of the drainage system in and around the area to ascertain whether any pipework is blocked.

In the meantime, the Council has cordoned off the flooded area and secured gates to protect visitors. Drivers are asked to take care on School Rd as the water is now pooling outside Lloyds Pharmacy.

We will update you on this page with any further developments.

Flooding at Florence Carter Memorial Park
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