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What the Council does

The role of the Parish Council is to represent the interests of the parishioners of Drayton.  It is the third tier of local government supporting the democratic process.  Drayton Parish Council comprises 13 seats.

Local Councils provide a focus for the community to identify concerns and projects, and they endeavour to solve issues locally, or work with other bodies and organisations to bring solutions into the Parish.  

The Parish Council is a corporate body, and a legal entity, separate from that of its Members, and is accountable to the whole community.  Its decisions are the responsibility of the whole body, and are made collectively and by majority at the meetings.  The Parish Council has government granted powers including the authority to raise money by taxation - the precept, and a range of powers to allow it to provide services and incur expenditure.  A Parish Council election is held 4 every years, if more people stand than there are vacancies then a poll is held.  If a Councillors resigns then a process is followed to fill that vacancy.

Parish Councils have the legal power to take action in many cases, but they have very few duties and have freedom to choose what action they take.  The Council plays a vital role in representing the interests of the community and improving the quality of life and environment for residents.

Councillors bring a wide range of experience and differing skill-sets to the Council, and work to represent the views of the electorate in their decision making and the provision of services.  Councillors have no powers outside of the Council meeting.

As part of Drayton Parish Council Councillors are responsible for:

Managing and maintaining the playing fields and sports facilities at both Longdale and King George Fifth Playing Fields.

Managing the Playgrounds on both Playing fields as well as Florence Carter Memorial Park.

Managing budgets and making financial provision for projects.

Responding to Planning Applications.

Looking after Green Lane outdoor Environmental Area.

Bus Shelters, Grit Bins and other Street Furniture.

Recycling at the King George Fifth Playing Field.

Arranging Community Events.

Managing staff.

Attending meetings, reading documents and being prepared to vote on resolutions.

Complying with the Council's adopted Code of Conduct.



  • The children’s play areas at Florence Carter, Longdale and King George V

  • Green Lanes

  • Bus shelters and seating

  • Litter bins and dog bins

  • Providing general maintenance around the village including grass cutting along verges

  • The village sign

  • The Pitches and 3G at Longdale

  • The Cricket Pitch and Football Pitch at King George V

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