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Barclays Bank Branch Closure

29 July 2022

Many residents have contacted Drayton Parish Council regarding the closure of the Barclays Bank branch in Drayton. Mr Jerome Mayhew is the MP for Broadland Constituency and has actively engaged with Barclays regarding the closure.  A public consultation with Barclays was requested, however unfortunately this has been declined.

The Chairman of Drayton Parish Council, Graham Everett, along with Jerome have been reassured that Barclays will have a long-term relationship with the Post Office for paying in cash, cheques and making withdrawals. They have also been informed that Barclays will have a smaller facility with set opening times to assist customers with all non-cash and cheque banking issues. Barclays hope to have this facility up and running before the closure scheduled for 19th October 2022.

Should you have any questions regarding the closure, would like more information or would like to pass on your views, please contact Kelly Newrick, the Customer Care Leader for Barclays or your local MP Jerome Mayhew.

Kelly’s email:

Jerome’ e-mail:

Barclays Bank Branch Closure
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